Keep Strong Medical Records for Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case in Florida

Traumatic brain injuries are a lot more common than most people realize and can occur from a variety of different incidents and accidents. According to Mr. Charles Spinner of Spinner Law Firm, considered to be the Best Auto Accident Lawyer Lakewood Ranch has in practice, all across the state, traumatic brain injury claims are on the rise and more individuals than ever before are educating themselves on their rights and their ability to file lawsuits. In many cases in the state of Florida, a traumatic brain injury will occur after a person is involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, boating incident, or even something as simple as a slip and fall. The severity of the injuries can range from mild to severe, and depending upon the person’s injuries, recovery time can often be long and arduous. Sarasota traumatic brain injury lawyer Charles Spinner will tell clients however, no matter how minor you might think those injuries to be, any accident that affects the brain and central nervous system is fairly serious and it's vital that you get the medical attention you need, and hold those who are responsible accountable and bring them to justice. It is possible to be compensated for a traumatic brain injury in Florida either through an insurance claim or by filing a lawsuit against the party responsible for the injury. Plaintiffs will need to provide proof in both cases. In this article, we will be touching on a few important points that might help you do just that. The Use of Medical Records One of the most important aspects of proving your traumatic brain injury is to show your medical records. According to Mr. Spinner, the best traumatic brain injury attorney Sarasota has in practice, the doctors and medical professionals who treated you for your traumatic brain injury on the scene or upon the initial examination, before diagnosing your injury. Your medical record would contain information about your examination, diagnostic testing, and imaging. It would also be noted in your medical history if you were showing any brain injury symptoms. One of the most important reasons for having strong medical records in such a case is that you are able to show that you did not suffer from any pre-existing medical issues and concerns. At-fault parties may attempt to defend themselves from liability for your injuries by claiming the injury was sustained before the incident occurred or that you had pre-existing health issues that contributed to your traumatic brain injury. Ongoing Treatment The fact is that a TBI or traumatic brain injury is not a simple issue to deal with and you will likely require ongoing medical treatment to care for your issues. It is vital that you follow the treatment protocols given to you by your doctor, and according to Sarasota traumatic brain injury lawyer, Charles Spinner, these all need to be documented. You will likely have ongoing doctor appointments, imaging tests, therapy, rehabilitation appointments, and more. Make sure to collect any and all records of these appointments and have the doctors available to provide testimonials as to your condition. Daily Journaling One of the best ways to prove TBI cases is to have an accurate log of what occurs on a daily basis. The fact is that healing from a traumatic brain injury isn’t easy, and you will be going through countless hurdles and issues along the way. Be sure to document these issues on a daily basis. Everything from your physical pain issues to your mental anguish, it all needs to be documented and records need to be kept up. For more information on traumatic brain injury cases and more be sure to contact Spinner Law Firm today.
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