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Serious Car Accident Claims in Florida All across the state of Florida, it seems as though over the last few years, car accident claims are on the rise and more victims are suffering injuries as a result of negligent drivers. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, the best injury lawyer Lakewood Ranch has to offer, the majority of car accident claims are resolved through the no fault system - similar to other states like New York as well. In general, how no-fault cases work is that each driver is responsible for covering their own damages after their own car accident. And while this might be the most common case, there are many exceptions to such a rule, and one of the most common being the serious injury threshold. According to Mr. Spinner, the best car accident lawyer Lakewood Ranch has in practice, this is very important for individuals to understand and something they should absolutely familiarize themselves with - as you never know when injuries might occur that reach such a level. Different Car Accident Injuries The fact is that a car accident is no easy thing to deal with and depending on the course of events, and the severity of the accident, there are a range of different things that might occur. Injuries can often range from minor, to catastrophic or even fatal injuries - in which an individual actually dies. According to Mr. Spinner, the best injury attorney Lakewood Ranch has to offer, there are often two different types of injuries that are classified, penetrating and impact injuries. Penetrating injuries occur when an object enters a victim’s body, while impact injuries occur when the victim strikes some area of the car. Depending on how bad the injury might be, it can either heal on its own or after a moderate course of treatment, however, in many cases it can require costly medical procedures or may persist indefinitely. This can have a drastic impact on the amount of compensation you are entitled to. What Constitutes Serious Injury in the State of Florida? When it comes to car accident cases across the state of Florida, there are many different types of cases or claims that might be considered serious injury claims. And therefore allow victims to avoid the no-fault laws in place within the state. Some of the most common are as follows. Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI This is often devastating when it occurs and something that can be quite difficult for an individual to deal with. According to Mr. Spinner, the best auto accident lawyer Lakewood Ranch has to offer, TBI or traumatic brain injury claims occur as a result of car accidents, which cause brain damage to occur as a result of different factors. One of the most common might be through a blow to the head or piercing injuries to the brain. When a victim of a high-speed collision hits their heads against some object that's fairly hard, like the steering wheel, windshield, or side windows. Oftentimes, a head injury like a concussion can be caused by a sudden jolt or contact to the head. In addition, according to Lakewood Ranch personal injury attorney, Mr. Charles Spinner, such incidents can often lead to permanent or semi-permanent brain damage as well. Loss of Limbs or Amputation In other cases, with severe car accident injuries, victims might end up suffering severe damage to their extremities - like their arms or legs, hands, or feet. According to Mr. Spinner, the best motorcycle accident lawyer Sarasota has in practice, this can often happen with motorbike accidents as there is far less protection for the victims in such a small sized vehicle or mode of transport. As the best injury lawyer Lakewood Ranch has in practice, Mr. Spinner has had many clients shatter bones or other parts of their extremities, and while they might not have been lost during the accident, this forced the victims to have the area amputated, resulting in a severe loss of their quality of life. Spinal Cord Injuries The third most common form of severe car accident injuries includes paralysis and spinal cord injuries. According to Mr. Spinner, the best car accident lawyer Lakewood Ranch has in practice, the spinal cord is vital for providing signals to and from the brain. And when it comes to a car accident or motorcycle accident, there are a number of different elements that can cause damage to vital areas such as the vertebrae, ligaments, and discs within the spinal column. According to Mr. Spinner, the best motorcycle accident lawyer Sarasota has to offer, when there is severe damage to the spinal column area, it can cause the victim’s strength and the ability to detect sensation to be permanently altered and drastically affect the victim’s quality of life. This can result in significant damages. Depending on how much the victim is affected by the injuries, it can increase or decrease the severity in terms of damages. For more information on severe injuries and more, be sure to contact Spinner Law Firm today.
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