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What Should You Know About Truck Accidents in Florida?

Car accidents can be some of the most traumatic events of an individual’s life, and depending upon the types of injuries you might suffer or the damage that might occur as a result, they can be quite difficult to remedy from both a health standpoint as well as a legal standpoint. But what’s even worse and much more jarring is an accident involving a truck or large commercial vehicle, especially considering that these vehicles can cause exponentially more damage than others. And while the state of Florida has seen an incremental rise in car accidents over the past few years, according to the team at Spinner Law Firm and Mr. Charles Spinner, the best injury lawyer Tampa has in practice, truck accidents have become far more prevalent than ever before. As one of the transportation hubs of the southern United States, the state of Florida sees countless trucks and large carrier vehicles pass through its state lines each and every day, and with many of these trucks being operated by drivers who are often overworked, and tired, its no surprise how common accidents have become. And often times when truck accidents occur, victims can get injured very badly and it can cause millions of dollars in damages to both the truck itself, the products and items it was carrying, as well as the individual it had the accident with. Despite how prevalent these truck accidents might be, many Floridians simply aren’t as educated on the subject as they should be. Therefore in this article, we will be attempting to educate patients on all there is to know about truck accidents in the state of Florida and what they should know when attempting to file a personal injury lawsuit claim against the truck driver involved.

Truck Accidents in Florida

Just like any other type of car accident, truck accidents in Florida can happen for a wide variety of different reasons. And similarly to other personal injury claims, they will often occur as a result of negligence on the part of the the driver, and while it might not be on purpose, it may occur as a result of being tired or overworked in some way. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, the best truck accident lawyer Sarasota has in practice, all too often a truck company will hire a driver who is inexperienced or unlicensed drivers and one of those drivers causes an accident, there is a very good chance that the company owner is at least partly liable for the accident. In other cases, according to Mr. Spinner, the best accident lawyer Dade City has to offer, if an accident is caused by negligent truck company staff, (e.g. they failed to load the truck properly, causing it to tip over and cause an accident) the company staff member(s) may be held liable for the crash. And while this might be the case sometimes, in most every case, the accident will likely be caused by a negligent truck driver. When truck drivers might drive at an excessive rate of speed, or under the influence of drugs, or alcohol, or are simply tired or overworked and haven’t rested in some time, they are far more likely to make mistakes and end up getting into accidents and cause some type of accident or injuries to occur.

One thing to understand is that truck accidents in Florida are far more common than one might think, and for individuals that have suffered injuries as result of them, its vital that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney like the ones at Spinner Law Firm, led by Mr. Charles Spinner the best injury lawyer Wesley Chapel has in practice. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney you can not only prove the negligence on the part of the truck driver and get the justice you deserve, but also be entitled to a litany of compensatory damages – whether they might be medical bills, or other types of damages.

The Statute of Limitations

Its important to understand that like with any other form of personal injury claim, there is a satire of limitations that is set for a truck accident in the state of Florida. However, while other forms of personal injury claim might often be two years, according to Mr. Charles Spinner, the best accident lawyer Lutz has to offer, when it comes to most trucking accidents victims can still file their claim up until four years after the incident might have occurred. For more information on trucking accident claims be sure to contact Spinner Law Firm today.

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